Company Overview

MicroCloud is committed to the application of holographic technology and provides software and hardware solutions with holographic technology as the core. At present, the company's holographic technology and solutions are mainly used in the field of holographic software and holographic content services, intelligent automobile holographic electronics field, holographic cloud data processing, and holographic intelligent visual services. As a holographic technology with high commercial value, there are many application scenarios. At present, the company provides diversified and high-quality enterprises in various industries including Internet advertising, culture, industry, audio and video, and automotive electronics manufacturing. Ulutonal basic technical services, the future development prospects are very broad.

High -tech:Under the leadership of a multi-disciplinary team composed of an experienced engineer in the field of space sensing and software algorithms, MicroCloud has developed a large number of exclusive innovative technologies such as holographic software and content development, holographic hardware development and design, holographic chip design and development. With technological upgrades, product iteration has formed continuous competitiveness of long-term development and operation. Through continuous technological innovation, it has achieved steady revenue growth and increased market share, and continuously provides customers with cost-effective technical services and products.

Soft power: Since its establishment, the company has received widespread attention from the industry and investment communities. At present, the company has formed a business model that links with the "excellent R&D team, and experienced operation team". The company has a complete leading advantage in both aspects of the research and development of holographic basic technology and holographic digital content. After more than ten years of development, a large number of technical patents and IP resources have been accumulated. As of the end of 2022, the company's proprietary technology was protected by a series of intellectual property rights: including 22 holographic chip design patents, mainly involving digital twin visual imaging, 6D action capture, digital image collection and other related technologies; 312 holographic software copyright, mainly Involving holographic quantum dynamics, holographic digital light field, 6D panoramic display, digital twin world application system, virtual human, naked eye 6D dynamic imaging control system, etc.; 183 holographic patents and 1695 holographic content copyright works. 

First Competitiveness:According to the iResearch report, in the industry competition, MicroCloud has the first in terms of total scale income, the number of copyrights and patents in the work, and far exceeds the second.

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